Does the dog have Turing nature?

Exploring Graha Bhedams

Here is a demo web app for exploring rāgās and their bhēdams.

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with Mr. Ramesh who showed me some amazing Excel wizardry and spells he’d cast to be able to take a raga and ask questions about its graha bhēdams. I hadn’t realized until then that the question of what the scales of ragas turn into when you do bhēdams on them (graha or śruti bhēdam) involves a rather non-trivial mental transformation, though one that is pretty simple to do on a computer. So I resurrected a rāgā database that I’d scraped off Wikipedia’s Janya Rāgās page some 4 years ago and made this bhēdam explorer web app.

The app could use some visual love, but it serves the exploratory purpose as it stands. Have fun with it!